AKD REPELLENT – Family Safe Insect Repellent

BUDDYGUARD® protection bracelet uses 100% natural aromatics to effectively control and repels mosquitoes. You can wear BUDDYGUARD® protection bracelet around your wrist or ankle. It will prevent mosquitoes and other insects from approaching by emitting aroma that drives them away. The bracelet is small and convenient to wear around your wrist or ankle. Its made of the non-toxic substances, DEET FREE, and safe for use by all age groups.

Every year, about 2 million people around the world died of Malaria. The horrifying rate of the mosquito-born disease is due to a number of environmental factors, including destruction of natural environment and increased mosquito lifespan caused by rising global temperatures. Naturally, we are in constant need for adequate solution to the problem. Unfortunately some mosquito repellent products and insecticides in the market would only make the problem worse, as they are  known to bring forth a variant of mosquito that carries new strain of disease. For that reason, BUDDYGUARD® was created as a safer alternative to multitude of insect repellent products that have been found to yield numerous negative side effects.

In the last ten years, BUDDYGUARD® has gone through several stages of development. It has been shipped to many countries and gained reputation for its quality in the global market. The company constantly work hard to build its own production line to ensure quality and efficiency. Today, BUDDYGUARD® is a first-class global product and are more accessible to worldwide customers.

BUDDYGUARD® can be customized with customer’s own design and logo. Its variety of color choices and refined design also make BUDDYGUARD® a stylish addition to your personal fashion. It’s also a fun accessory for children to wear.