We strive for a well-preserved and healthy natural environment. Our products are made specifically with the user in mind, as well as the environment that we live in. It’s imperative to maintain clean and sustainable environment for our mutual benefit. That is why BUDDYGUARD® only use natural ingredients that are safe for all users and our eco-system.


We aim to provide efficient and natural way to protect our family from mosquito and other insects bites without doing harm to the environment.


BUDDYGUARD® was originally produced in South Korea and distributed worldwide under the name of BUGSLOCK. Unfortunately, as the product became so popular, we discovered that BUGSLOCK became widely copied in all markets. Moreover, lack of legal protection for the brand had also created some issues for us.

As we sell more products throughout the world, we came to understand the need to consider international and regional requirement for our distributors. Therefore, we moved production activity to our new factory in the Peoples Republic of China in 2012.

Now, we are developing BUDDYGUARD® further than we possibly can with BUGSLOCK. It’s currently available in all parts of the world, and in compliance with all FDA regulations and Biocide Laws.